A form of pattern, texture brings into play a whole new dimension, it can be a subtle as the weave of linen or the grain of wood, it can also be far more sculptural, imagine a white ceramic ribbed vase placed against a black wall, or chunky knit cushions scattered on a plain sofa! Every surface has a texture, whether it is smooth, shiny, matt, rough or soft. Texture adds visual interest and can be very exciting! If you opt for a scheme of just one colour then texture is the key to it being a success. Use opposites together, coarse and fine, glossy and matt for maximum impact.

Floors are a great place to play with texture, think of embossed rubber or metal, stone and jute. Some flooring can be cold underfoot, and it is wise to bare this in mind when choosing especially for certain rooms where a degree of comfort is required. However in such situations the addition of a rug may solve the dilemma and at the same time add another textural dimension.

Fabrics are a fabulous way to add texture and there is an endless selection, from sumptuous velvets, and crisp taffeta’s to delicate chiffon and faux fur. Trimmings too can make quite a difference, beaded tie backs on light curtains and bobble trim on cushions all contribute to the effect.

Think about the texture of each item you add being another design element and how it relates to the overall scheme, making sure everything sits well together within the space. 

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