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Designer Tips

  • Pattern


    When working with pattern within a design scheme it is important not to overdo it. The easiest way to use it is to select a large scale design, and a smaller scale secondary one,

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  • Going Bold in 2022!

    Going Bold in 2022!

    Some of the boldest new designs for 2022 are continuing the rapidly growing trend for mixing floral designs with bold colours, exotic animals and geometric patterns.

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  • Texture


    A form of pattern, texture brings into play a whole new dimension, it can be a subtle as the weave of linen or the grain of wood, it can also be far more sculptural, imagine a white ceramic ribbed vase placed against a black wall, or chunky knit cushions s

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  • Mood and Lighting

    Mood and Lighting

    Automatically colour comes to mind as a way to create mood and atmosphere when choosing a design scheme, however lighting can be just as effective.

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  • Proportion


    An element that is often overlooked, but proportion is just as important as everything else if your scheme is going to be a success.

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